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The Ultimate Guide for Solar LED Street Light Price

The modern urban or rural setting has dramatically been transformed by the installation of street lights. It has increased the visibility, security, and business hours in these areas. Before, the installation of Street lights was a costly investment, especially in areas with no electricity, so how to find suitable solar led street light price?Here is a guide.

Advances in solar technology and LED technology brought some relief in the community, it is now easy and less costly to install street lights. The modern street lights use LED bulbs that are powered by solar energy through photovoltaic panels. Energy harvested from the solar panels is stored in a battery to be used in powering the solar LED street lights.

With the current need to put up lights in the streets, solar street lights have become famous for use in roadways, highways, residential roads, playgrounds, commercial roads, carparks, gardens, courtyards, walkways, private paths, parking lots, and more. This demand is catalyzed by the fact that solar LED street lights get rid of electric bills, hence reducing the focus to only maintenance.

Although the use of solar led street light has become more widespread, most people tend to spend thousands of dollars on installation. In this guide, you will learn more about a variety of factors that determine the solar led street light price.

Factors that affect the Solar LED Street Light price include:

  • Technology
  • Design
  • Electric capacity and light coverage
  • Installation

Solar LED Street Light Technology

Technology in solar LED street lights is often viewed from the angle of sensors and programmable dimmer functions. Besides motions sensors, technology also touches on the protection of the street light from foreign bodies and forms of moisture.

The IP (Ingress Protection) ratings have made it easy for users to determine the level of seal effectiveness of electrical equipment from moving or foreign parts (first number) and moisture (second number). For instance, a solar led street light with an IP rating of 55 offers partial protection against dust that may harm it and 6.3mm low-pressure jets of directed water coming from any angle.

There is a considerable variety of proofing technology and the most common range from IP 55 and above. With this in mind, the solar led street lights price for IP ratings above 65 is undeniably high. However, the technology in a solar led street light remains specific to a particular brand.

Solar LED Street Light design

The design of a solar LED street light takes into account the material, storage capacity, and type of assembly. The Solar Led Street Light price varies with the value of the material used. Some of the common materials used in the fabrication of Solar Led Street Lights include:

  • Aluminum
  • Chrome
  • Ceramic
  • Iron
  • PVC


In terms of assembly, we look at whether the equipment is semi-integrated or integrated (All in one).  The number of solar panels in use does affect the solar LED street light price; The more the solar panels it has, the higher the cost. This is primarily determined by the storage capacity and battery size.

The battery, too, does have a significant effect on the solar led street light price. Small-sized solar batteries (inbuilt lithium-ion batteries) are sophisticated in design and contributes mainly to the increase in the cost of these products. The price also increases with an increase in storage capacity. Design in solar LED street lights has the upper hand in determining whether the products are suitable for industrial, commercial, or home use.

Solar Led Street Light Electric Capacity and Light Coverage

The wattage of an LED bulb has a direct effect on the pricing of street lights. The higher the wattage, the higher the Solar Led Street Light price. The wattage of street lights often ranges from between 9W to 300 W, depending on the amount of light output needed to illuminate a particular area.

The lighting coverage can also be determined using the Lumen rating or the brightness of a light bulb. This does not change the fact that the higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light bulb and the more wattage you use. This means the lumen rating of an LED bulb has an indirect effect on the Solar LED Street Light price.

Your LED bulb can be further customized to color temperature, which is the color of a light source. Color temperatures suitable for street light application range from 3000K to 6500K.  The colors you will find in street lights are soft white, cool white, pure white, warm white, and high bright white.

Solar LED Street Light Installation

Installation as a determinant of the Solar Led Street Light price takes into account the need for a pole of specified height and material.  The mounting depends on the design of the lighting assembly. In some products, the solar panels are fixed on top of the lighting structure, others on the pole while the rest of them comes fully integrated into the lighting fixture.

Installation as a pricing factor comes into the picture on the grounds of material and dimensional specifications for the poles. The solar and lighting assembly has to be mounted on a pole at a considerable height to illuminate a particular coverage area.

Solar Led Street Light Price: Conclusion

To be on the safer side, you need to first specify your area of light coverage that will help determine the lumens or wattage rating required for your street light application. When you are done with deciding the lighting qualities of your Solar Led Street Light, you can now move to the design.

The technological aspect of a street light is optional, and it highly depends on the application and regulation. However, motion, light control, and time control sensor systems ensure higher efficiency of your Solar Led Street Light and that translates to low costs.

The  Solar Led Street Light Price can be tailored to match your advantage budget, but only if you are keen with the four aspects discussed in this article. Well-known brands are a bit price, but this should not put you off. Their reputation ties them to offer long-term solutions.

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