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Solar Led Street Light for Sale; 5 Things To Consider

Searching for the best solar-led street light for sale? And want to know how you can buy the suitable ones? Well, you have landed on the right page. Because today I’m going to share a complete guide that unlocks 5 things to know before shopping solar led street light for sale.

Are you ready to explore this guide?

the image displays solar LED street light

Solar street light

I’m sure you are, so let’s begin.


1. Location: Where are you going to Install them?

Solar-led lights are pretty suitable to enrich the beauty of both residential and commercial spaces. Many times, you see that public and government spaces are illuminated with led lights. 

So, the first question to ask yourself before heading toward solar led lights for sale is where exactly you need to install them after shopping solar led street light for sale.

Why does that matter?

Residential space is not that big, while a commercial one is spacious. So, it would help to have more lights illuminating a vast area. Don’t you think?

2. Type of solar street lights: What Style do You Prefer?

 When you start exploring the collection of solar led street light for sale, you will come across two types. You will have to decide what style works for you. 

2.1 All in one Solar Led Street Light for Sale


the image displays a solar LED street light for sale

Solar LED street light for sale

They combine street lamps, LED light, and solar panels. The street lamp will provide steady ambient lighting to make streets safer at night. Meanwhile, solar panels accumulate energy during the day to release lighting and power during the night.

First, they do not need energy for continuous operation. Second, this specific type can generate self-powered electricity with daylight. All in One solar light have attracted more attention from customers. 

Retailers are more interested in this kind of product, which has greatly increased their profit margins.

  • All in One solar street lights are well energy-efficient and eco-friendly.
  • They are typically made up of LED lamps, a battery pack, and a solar panel that is fully integrated. 
  • Such a design means that smaller pieces of electronics can make up the entire solar street light, creating more power.

 The best thing about all-in-one solar led light for the street is its motion sensor. When such lights sense moving objects around them, they light up to provide up to 100 percent of brightness.

 When there is no activity around them, they dim down and provide up to 20 percent brightness.

2.2 Split Solar Led Street Light for Sale

the image displays a solar LED street light for sale

Split solar street light

It is another kind you will find in solar led light for sale collection. It is a street light that has two sections. One section is fitted with electric LED lights, and the other is equipped with light-emitting diodes or LED for short.

 This type of light provides more illumination, saves energy, and lowers the cost of operations.

The cost saving on operations makes this an economical way for the town- and cities to improve energy efficiency at the expense of streetlight maintenance.

You should know that split solar led lights have no motion sensors.

Compared with regular lamps, solar energy lamps do not require a wiring line or grounding. 

Nor do they need backup batteries to keep operating on consecutive cloudy days. 

Again, they operate under rich environment-friendly solar power rather than polluting fossil fuels. 

So you might be disturbed by decreased safety after momentarily cutting off lighting in some localities when emitting light – which may be caused by Wi-Fi signal blackout during transmission for digital screens.

You will be surprised to find two different models of split type in the collection of solar led street light for sale.

  1. The first model will provide 100 percent brightness from dusk to dawn.
  2. The second model is an energy saver. It will provide 100 percent brightness in the first four hours, and then the light goes dim till it sunrises.

The initial investment on solar led street lights for sale can be costly, but when looking at their lifetime usage and environmental impact, investing is more than efficient.

3. Think about the Lifespan of the Solar LED Street light for sale 

Calculating the affordability of solar-led street lights by considering their estimated lifespan is easier.

 This consideration can help you plan for future maintenance costs. 

Generally, solar street lamps cost around USD 10 per year savings. Some lamps cannot turn themselves off at sunrise and may require a manual shut-off during some parts of the day.

4. Power storage of Solar LED Street Light for Sale

When you explore different solar led lights for sale options, it is always advisable to check their power storage capacity.

If you need it for commercial space, go with a set of lights that offer more storage. 

It is always important to consider power storage before buying solar LED street lights can’t be overlooked. 

Without enough power, the thought of green energy may seem like a fabulous idea but a challenging implementation.

Soon, power storage is going to be an incidental part of every solar-led street light.

 Ultimately, a solar led street light can store about 800KWH for use for 8 hours. That’s 8x more than any known battery that would require coupled with the grid or when the sun goes down.

Solar street lights are a great way to go green and reduce one’s carbon footprint. However, they require a lot of power to function. Depending on the solar panel size, it may take a day or two to charge.

 As such, the solar panel must be installed in proximity to a power source.

5. Look Into Area Where You are Going to Place Solar Led Lights

It would be best if you decided where exactly you will install these lights. The best thing about many different solar leg lights for sales is that they are used for decorative and illumination purposes.

Let’s say you have a dark corner in your garden near the outdoor kitchen. You don’t want to increase your electricity expenses but still need some light. It’s the area where the placement of solar led lights will add a lively touch. 

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You can cover a public space or a private landscape. When installing solar led lights, you need to maintain a distance of up to 10 or 15 meters between lights.

Once you measure the area properly, it becomes easy for you to find out how many solar led street lights for sale you need.

 It is essential to distribute solar led lights evenly throughout an area. 

Remember one thing, the area you choose for this light must have sufficient sunlight. If it doesn’t, you won’t be able to make the most of led street lights.

the image displays solar street lights

Solar street lights

Conclusion for Solar Led Street Light for Sale

When you are checking solar led light for sale collection, consider an all-important point. The brightness of this light depends on component quality. Don’t forget to check that panels of solar-led street lights meet quality standards and have the certificate of authorization. Always get those solar-led street lights for sale that are appropriately tested and have proper certification. It’s how you make the most of your solar led street light for sale.



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