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What To Look For In A Solar LED Street Light Catalogue

A company catalogue lists down a list of products you can buy from its shop. It is an essential document where a firm produces different types of products. A solar LED street light catalogue will also list a couple of designs for you to pick.

In this article, we are going to learn what you should look out for in a catalogue from a solar led street light manufacturer. This document can is available on the websites of manufacturers, resellers, or eCommerce that offer a variety of solar led street light products.

The first part of a solar led street light catalogue is a brief description of the company. Here you will find their contacts and more information about the company. They can find a list of the services of products you will find from the manufacturer or reseller.

the image displays Solar LED Street Light catalogue

What is a Solar LED Street Light Catalogue

Some of the manufacturers use this section to display pictures of their workshops, where they make the various components of the system. They may also include test labs to show how much they value quality.

The second part will be the table of content, which shows the products and their respective pages. This section may include the theoretical or basic operation of the system or product. Others would list the benefits of the solar lighting system.

If the products have similar basic operations, the catalog will briefly introduce the operation of the system during the day and t night. They may choose to explain further the functions of the various components you will find in the system.

The introduction to the solar led street light is more about how they work. You should look out for information such as the method of switching (automatic or manual), the design (mounting of components), and the flow of current. There will be a fully labeled drawing or pictorial representation of the assembly of the solar system.

The next section of the catalogues is all about the different types of solar LED street lights.  Here, the manufacturer or reseller will explain the difference and where the system can be applied. Others will go further to list some of the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Solar LED Street Light Catalogue Specifications

For each solar led street light, they’ll provide a list of specifications. The suggested specification will contain information on

  • The road width,
  • Sun power radiation,
  • Center luminous (LUX),
  • Working hours
  • Backup for rainy days (days)
  • LED and Solar panel requirement (wattage)
  • Battery energy charge (ampere-hour)

The next section of the catalogues describes each component of the solar LED street light. You should see pictures of the solar panel, battery, LED lamp, controller, and any electronic device installed to improve its performance. As for the different types of each component, you will find the presentations in their particular sections.

Solar LED Street Light Catalogue; Components

Here you will find assembled or exploded views of the drawing or pictures of each specific component.

the image displays what you will find in our solar led street light catalogue

Components of a solar LED street light

Solar Panel

For the solar module, expect specifications information such as:

  • Material type
  • Power rating
  • Solar panel efficiency
  • Operating temperature
  • Maximum surface load capacity
  • Lifetime
  • Dimensions

Some catalogues may go on and briefly describe the type of material used, its advantage, and disadvantages.

Solar LED Lamp

For the LED Lamp specification expect information such as

  • Lamp power range
  • The LED chip Brand
  • Type of LED
  • Lamp efficiency
  • Power factor
  • Color temperature and rendering index
  • Working temperature
  • Fixture material
  • IP rating
  • Life span
  • External Dimension

In case the manufacturer produces different fixtures, you will find these options with their specifications. The technology used in functions such as the automation and control of the solar LED streetlights will fall under this section.

Solar LED Street Light Catalogue: Battery

For the Battery, expect the following specification information:

  • The rated working voltage
  • Storage capacity
  • Interior resistance
  • Charge and Discharge rate
  • Casing or Housing material
  • Working temperature

Alongside the presentation of the battery, you might find the description of the features in the component.


For the solar LED street light controller, most catalogues will list;

  • The various types
  • The working voltage and temperature
  • The required current
  • The timer
  • The IP rating
  • The lifespan

It may also include a brief description of the features, the modes, and functions of this component.

If the company deals with the manufacture of all in one solar LED street light lamp, all the specifications for each component will fall under one table.

Mounting and support

The next section of a Solar LED street light manufacturer’s catalogue deals with support and mounting. Here you will find the various types of poles varying in size and models. For a split solar street light design, you will find bracket options with specification information such as:

  • The material and treatment (galvanization, coating)
  • Bolt and nut material and size
  • Vertical and horizontal angle measurements
  • Color
  • Lifetime
  • Other special features that enhance transportation and installation

In this part of the documentation, you will find the foundation kit with specifications indicating the material, fastening tools, life span, and other special features.

Unique features

The sixth section of a solar street light catalogue is a description of the special features or functions of the system. Here,  you will find the street light intelligence control and switching modes. The sensory and LED technology illustrations will fall in this section.

the image displays solar street light

Proof of Customer satisfaction

The last section of a Manufacturer’s catalogue will contain a showcase of the projects the company has handled in the installation of their solar LED streetlight in different locations of the world or country.  Some documents will have feedbacks from various clients who have used their services. Others may list international institutions or organizations that they have associated with in the past.

The length of a Solar street light catalogue can be more than ten pages depending on the amount of the number of products and the information they wish to share. The information above is what you are likely to find in the documentation form a manufacturer’s point of view. Use the information to choose the right product by comparing your project specification and what is available.




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