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Top 5 Designs For Solar Garden Street Lamps

Most cities and towns stay open late, and the nightlife in these places offers different activities. For lovers, the garden would be the best place to find them, but this will not be possible if these areas don’t get proper lighting. The illumination coming from the installed solar garden street lamps gives the late-night gardens the beauty and the security it requires.

Private garden owners and governments are now investing in solar street lights, and this has helped them promote the use of green, renewable, and efficient sources of energy. In this article, we are going to highlight various solar garden street lamps that you can consider for your project.

Here are some of the top designs that you will come across in the marketplace;

Classic Design:

The Classic or vintage solar garden street lamp is also known as the antique, old-style, old-school, traditional, rustic, or vintage design. The Victorian-era street lights lamps inspire these designs. These old-fashioned designs are beautiful and elegant when used in private gardens. You will always find them in gardens that need an old-fashioned touch.  They usually come with an exotic metallic finishing.

In these lamp structures, portions of solar material on the surface of the lamp replace the need for an entire solar panel. They are often used for decorative purposes and bring an aesthetic look to your garden. They are easy to clean and do not allow the settlement of dirt or dust on their surface.

The aim of using classic or vintage lamps in garden street lights is to shed light outwards in many directions around the pole. You can also distribute the light by installing several ball lamps around the pole.  Manufacturers may add frosted or etched glass to the vintage design.  You can also achieve a rustic style with a little modification and finishing.

Most vintage lamp designs come designed to be fixed at the top of the pole; you will need an arm when more than one lamp is to be mounted on a pole.  The lantern design falls in this traditional street lamp design and is attached to a kind of arm mounted on the pole.

The lantern Sconce design also falls in this antique category.  This type of lamp design uses a lighting fixture that is affixed on the pole where the light flows downwards and sometimes upwards, holding only the bulb. They are believed to produce clean, wireless, and safe candlelight illumination.

The only challenge would be less solar energy conversion due to reduced solar module surface area to achieve the design. Also, it may be hard to achieve the required angle of tilt.

Modern Architectural Design

These solar garden street lamps are designed to match the nature of the surrounding structures or present an artistic appearance. These are designs that resemble buildings and emphasize their surroundings.

If you need lamps to match your building style or any structure inside your garden, then the contemporary or modern type will work for you. They provide a sleek lighting solution.

Science Fiction Design

The UFO design fall in this category of solar garden street lamps. The upper section of the lamp is designed similarly to that of an alien space ship. It comes with a round, disc shape with lights coming out from below, and the sides for sustained lighting. They come with a simple and fashionable appearance to create a statement in the garden.

Standard Design

The standard garden street lamp design is are available in almost all shops. They are also called area lights because they only light up a section of the land surrounding the street light.

The standard type can be mounted directly on the pole or may require an arm to affix it on the rod. They are applicable in both split and integrated solar garden street lights. After installation, they can only illuminate the area right below it, the side where the lighting fixture is facing.

The standard design consists of spotlight and floodlight designs.  The use of spotlight design is to focus light immediately in front of the pole. The area that needs this kind of illumination is limited. Most would go for this design to emphasize the landscape.

This spotlight design may not be the best for large gardens as it will require you to get many of this kind of lamp to light up your streets efficiently. Therefore, you can try the Floodlight design, which produces more light.

Custom Design

The custom designs are purposely made per the preference of the client. These are available with sellers or manufacturers that offer tailormade services. Most of the designs here may fall in the modern architecture category; the only difference is that the idea comes from the client.

The design may be unique or inspired by other available artistic products used for similar purposes. Custom designs tend to emulate different features to demonstrate creativity and add aesthetic value to create a dramatic effect.

Solar Garden Street Lamps: Conclusion

Design is one of the main variables one should always consider before settling for a specific solar-powered garden street light system. Besides illuminating the streets, you may wish to compliment the landscaping features in your garden and match the surrounding décor.

The choice of lamp design will determine the cost and how easy it is to assemble and maintain. Some designs are easy to achieve, while others may require more time. Also, the material you choose will determine how much you will pay for it. Custom designs are the most expensive in the list of top designs for solar garden street lamps.

Other costs may be associated with the type of bulbs. Also, Consider the lamp’s installation, operating, and maintenance costs. However, cost should not hinder you from getting the best design for your garden.

Your needs will help you determine the suitable design to use for your project. In case you need an expert to help you decide the best street lamp for your garden, feel free to consult.

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