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5 Reasons Why You Would Love Outdoor Solar Street Lights

At the start, the use of solar panels was all about indoor lighting and water heating. Nowadays, Solar technology has evolved to fit many applications. One of them is that of Outdoor Solar Street Lights. As the name suggests, the illumination takes place outside your building or house.

Solar Street Lights enhances surveillance and provides the necessary illumination to aid you to operate at night. There is more than just security and cost-saving in the use of Solar Street Lights.  Here are the five reasons why you would love Outdoor Solar Street Lights

Solar Street Lights Come With Different Shades of Light

In the past, the only color for the lights was limited to what the company puts on the outdoor solar street lights. You can now choose a lamp with the color that will blend well with the aesthetics of your landscape.  Long gone are the days of using bulbs that produce low white glows.

With the advancement in the LED technology, the lamps used in outdoor solar street lights brighten up the area under illumination. Using LED lights as the primary source of lighting gives you the advantage of a much longer lifetime when compared to fluorescent or incandescent bulbs.

The LED technology has facilitated the options of color change in outdoor solar street lights. In case you are bored with the usual white and yellow colors, you can choose a color that matches your needs. The ability of Street Lights creates the possibility of multiple applications.

Solar Street Lights Are Lightweight And Come With Artistic Designs

There are two modern styles common with outdoor solar street lights: all in one or integrated and semi-integrated Split-type. The all in one or integrated solar street light combines the battery and the solar panels on the lighting fixture.

The semi-integrated split type outdoor solar street lights is a modification of the traditional split-type solar street light with independent light fixture, battery, and solar panels. In this new version, the battery and the lighting fixture are a unit, while the solar panel is on its own.  Integrated solar street lights reduce the amount of work required in assembling the lighting fixture. Also, there is a reduced amount of work in terms of cleaning since the surface area is quite small.

Overall, the artistic design of the modern outdoor solar street lights gives it a sophisticated but straightforward appearance. They blend well with the aesthetics of the surrounding environment. They look presentable when installing along a road path or side by side at an entrance or exit.

Outdoor Solar Street Lights use durable and lightweight material such as stainless steel and aluminum alloys to withstand harsh weather conditions and enhance portability. The Stainless steel material has high reflecting ability hence amplifies the illumination.

Solar Street Lights Come With Advanced Technology.

Traditionally whence you install the outdoor street lights there is no need of any future adjustments since they relied on the mains for power. With the upcoming development of the outdoor solar street lights, there is a need for technology to aimed at reducing the cost and increasing efficiencies.

In terms of reducing cost, the solar street lights come with sensor technology that detects motion and change in ambiance. This technology will dim the lights when there is less activity underneath and switch to maximum illumination when movement is detected. The same applies to a change in ambiance, the solar street lights turn off at dawn and back on at dusk.

In terms of increasing efficiency, the outdoor solar street lights come with control systems that help adjust the solar panel angles and directions to gain more solar energy conversions. Some are Bluetooth enables to allow you control through your phone, while some come with remote controllers.

Solar Street Lights Come With Robust Backups

Your solar street light needs a powerful backup battery to maintain consistency of service, especially during bad weather. There focus now in solar street lights is reducing the size of the battery while increasing its storage capacity. This has been achieved by some manufacturers of outdoor solar street lights.

The useful lifespan of most outdoor solar street lights batteries ranges from between five to 15 years. The lifespan of batteries used in solar street lights depends on the type of chemical composition (lithium-ion, lead-acid, or saltwater) used.

In modern solar street lights, the batteries are designed to last longer and produce more power. Furthermore, the manufacturers aim to reduce the amount of time it takes to recharge to maximum capacity, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Solar Street Lights Are Consistent In Supply Of Energy

The efficiency of outdoor solar street lights depends on the type of solar panels and the conversion rates. Modern photovoltaic (PV) solar panels use Thin-Film, Polycrystalline, Monocrystalline, and Concentrated PV Cell (CVP) solar cells in the order of increasing efficiency rate. However, the solar panels with more efficiency are expensive but worth the investment.

The greatest challenge in the design of solar panels for outdoor solar street lights is coming up with a solar panel that occupies less space, offers longer life span, produces solar energy with high efficiency and use environmentally friendly material. What beats them most in the design of solar panels is the effect of high temperatures.

The solar panels of most outdoor solar street lights come with a usage lifespan that ranges between 20 to 25 years. Multiplying your electric bills with an estimated lifespan of 20 years reveals the amount of saving you earn from solar street lights.

Outdoor Solar Street Lights: Conclusion

What we have learned is that aside from security and illumination needs, solar street lights can be used for exterior home décor and any form of beautification. There are many advantages to the use of solar street lights for outdoor activities. The advantage of using a natural source of energy to create power is that you have to pay for it only once in 25 years and that is during the installation process.


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