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Do you know how to install the LED wall lamp? The 4 Step Process

LED Wall lamp installation is relatively simple.


First is to confirm the place for install, then fixed the LED wall lamp holder. Embedded parts or punch is generally used to fixed the wall lamp holder first and fixed the LED wall lamp on the wall.

the image displays an LED wall lamp

An outdoor LED wall lamp

Gluing construction

Soak the lower part of glue roller into the glue, keep the upper part exposed and directly or indirectly through the glue roller to touch the work surface. Use

the workpiece to drive the glue roller to apply the glue to the bonding surface. The glue roller can be in different grooves and patterns and it can be made of rubber, wood, felt or metal.


Open assemble and placement

Apply the adhesive on the bonding surface for rapid pervaporation, and left exposed for a while. This resting process of applying the adhesive until the two surfaces assembled is called open assemble. Two bonding surface assembles after gluing, open assemble and store for a while. The process from the bonding to apply manual pressure is called placement.



Adhesive bonds at the same time as curing. During the curing process, ensure that the bonding surface is tightly sealed and must applied pressure before consolidation. If the bonding surface cannot tightly seal in curing process, there will have gap in the bonding layer and influence the bonding quality. In general, requirements for the compacting operation are: the compacting force needs to be at the right size, distributed evenly and sufficient time.

Besides, it cannot deform the adhered body which cause by pressure. Compaction time is related to the adhesive and curing temperature. Compacting force can only be removed when the adhesive to completely cured.

LED wall lamp: Curing

Curing means adhesive is evaporate through the solvent or other chemical reaction that convert from colloidal to solid and causing the bonding of physical chemical process. The quality of curing quality and its qualification have an important relationship. During the operation process, it must satisfy the curing requirement of adhesive in order to guarantee the bonding quality. Curing temperature is a deceive role to the speed of curing and the quality. Even the adhesive curing at room temperature, rising the temperature is beneficial as well.

the image displays an LED wall lamp

An LED wall lamp

Testing and Final Touches

After successfully wiring and mounting the LED wall lamp, it’s time to move on to the final step of the installation process: testing and final touches.

Turning on the Power to the Installation Area

The first thing you should do is turn on the power to the installation area. This will allow you to check if the LED wall lamp is receiving the required electrical supply and if it lights up as expected. If the lamp does not turn on, check the wiring connections and ensure they are secure.

Checking the Lamp for Proper Functionality

Once the power is on, carefully examine the LED wall lamp for proper functionality. Ensure that the light output is as expected, and there are no flickers or dimming issues. Also, check for any physical damages, such as scratches or dents.

Final Adjustments and Cleaning

Lastly, make any necessary final adjustments to the LED wall lamp’s position, angle, or brightness, according to your preferences. If the LED wall lamp is not positioned correctly, it may not provide sufficient illumination. Finally, wipe off any smudges or dirt on the lamp’s surface to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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