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A Highlight Of The 4 LED Solar Street Light Innovative Solutions

The main idea behind the LED solar street light is the use of LED technology to reduce energy consumption and improve efficiency. Innovation in LED seeks to ensure that the technology achieves the intended purpose.

The 19th century was a century that saw the invention of the battery (1800), the Lighting bulb (1878), and the solar cells (1888).

Then followed the 20th century, which completed the entire solar street light system with the inverter (1980) and the charge controller. The discovery of LED technology came in this period.

Since then, there have been more and more innovative solutions to help improve their efficiency. The factor that has influenced the rise in new ideas is the need to save both energy and cost.

the image displays an LED solar street light

Innovations in LED Solar Street Light

What are the major innovations in these street light systems?

LED Solar Street Light Design And Efficiency Innovations

At first, the design for LED was for use in lighting fixtures, but with the need to integrate all components of the solar street light system into one unit, there was a need for innovations to fit in an all-in-one design. There are innovative designs for lenses to reduce light pollution and glare. The lens is made unique, clear, and shatterproof.

An all-in-one design would need a built-in rechargeable battery. Most come fitted with lithium-ion batteries or Li-ion batteries. They are common with portable devices and offer more energy density than Lithium Iron phosphate batteries, which are considered to be heavier but cleaner, safer, and longer-lasting than the ordinary ones.

The need for high-level brightness with less energy consumption turned the focus into luminous efficacy. Currently, LED light bulbs are by far the most efficient, recording the highest Luminous Efficiency of between 90 to 112 lumens per watt.

LED Solar Street Light Control Innovations

the image displays an LED solar street light

Since the brighter the lamp, the more energy the bulbs will consume, there is a need to control the light intensity for long time use. To boost the efficiency of the LED, manufacturers decided to introduce brightness control to improve energy usage.

The manufacturer of dimmable devices has brought about the production of the right amount of light at the right time. This possibility is a result of using motion and light sensors for area and road lighting. Modern solar street light comes labeled smart, or intelligence has the capability of detecting motion and adjusting light brightness to meet the need.

Sensor technology has led to more innovation in Photodetectors or Photosensors such as PIRs (passive infrared sensors), LDRs (Light Dependent Resistors), Photodiodes, Phototransistors, and other photoconductive or photo-resistive devices. Besides photocell sensors, modern solar street light units come with intelligent monitoring and control systems.

Other control innovation includes the use of a high-power remote control. You can use this device to select the working mode (comes with an option of three or four modes) and adjust the lighting fixture for maximum performance.  The remote control can allow certain hours of operation based on the light intensity.

Besides remote control, in some modern designs, you can control your lighting fixture using the internet of things. Some residential street lights will come with a built-in surveillance camera in the design for maximum security.  In the end, you get an LED solar street light with Wi-Fi and CCTV cameras.

On days when the sun does not deliver as expected due to cloud cover or harsh weather, we have seen innovation in the controller device.  New units come with more advanced MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) solar charge controllers.

In harsh weather, the solar charge controllers can extract more current from the panel. With a PWM, the voltage used is above the solar battery requirement, while the MPPT uses the maximum panel voltage. Most of the product offers an average of three Rainy days of full light throughout the night.

LED Solar Street Light Quality Innovations

Another angle you can use to innovate the solar street light is coming up with a design that offers a long-lasting system. This effort goes directly to the selection of material and the use of quality equipment. The street lights rods are designed to withstand both wind resistance and the total weight of the equipment.  Some innovations seem to produce musts that are anti-rust corrosion.

Innovation is a requirement in the design of lighting fixtures that have excellent heat dissipation capacity. The components in an LED solar street light need to be waterproof. You will find that most manufacturers use IP ratings to describe the nature of protecting their products has from dust and water jets.

Innovation related to material selection builds on resistance to harsh weather conditions that might affect the service life of the solar street light system.  DEL ILLUMINATION offers solutions that are anti-rust and anti-storm.

LED Solar Street Light Mounting Innovation

LED solar street light mounting

Solar street light mounting

Innovations such as the knuckle mount slip fitter allow the luminaire to fit on a standard pole and still have the ability to adjust to a position of maximum solar conversion. Products that offer Anti-theft solutions tend to make your investment more secure.

Innovations in LED solar street lights have gone as far as integrating the solar panels and the columns. This idea seeks to achieve maximum solar conversion, depending on the movement of the sun.

LED Solar Street: Conclusion

The information shared above shows that most LED innovations are about the main components of the solar street light system. Design and technology are two of the most used tools of innovation in making the product you find in the marketplace. The common trend in this industry is to achieve a more compact solution by integrating the key equipment to achieve portability and ease in installation.

Technology in the solar street light system is advancing in at an astonishingly fast pace. This rush is mainly to come up with innovations that save energy and cost less. The amount of R&D done by various manufacturers has led to an increase in patent products creating variety in the market. The LED solar street light Innovative solutions will always align with customer needs.



For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours


For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours.


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