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All You Need To Know About LED Solar Street Light Price List

Any price list offers bright ideas for customized products or services. In terms of LED solar street lights, you will need a price list to get the best ideas for your lighting investment. There is a more to a price list than just the listing of prices. In this article, you will learn more about the nature of a LED Solar Street Light Price List, a  list that is limited to  Solar and LED technology. In the end, you should be able to use the price list to your advantage.

The Pricing

As expected, a price list is all about the value of the product or service in terms of cost. This is what most of us go for when sourcing for an LED solar street light. Selecting a component based on the price can guarantee quality only if we do not ignore one of the best buying rules, “cheap is expensive.”

The cost of any product varies with changes in specific determinants such as quantity, design, finishing, battery size, solar panel size, wattage, and among others.  The price can also be influenced by your purchasing power when it attracts incentives such as discounts and free shipping. Each product on a price list comes with different rates based on the value addition and the quantity. Most people benefit from a price list by buying merchandise in batches.

Product Description

In most cases, a written street light price list does not include more details apart from a visual presentation of the product and the price. A digital price list allows you to further explore and get more information about the product.

This information includes:

  • The street light type and design
  • The sollar cell type and capacity
  • The Led type, brand, and color and temperature (white, yellow, warm white or cold white.)
  • the material used,
  • The battery type, size, charge and discharge time
  • The product warranty or guarantee and certification
  • The power requirements
  • The mounting requirement
  • IP grading
  • The supplier, manufacturer or contact person

Online price lists allow the user to select an item and view its specifications.

In most cases, you will find the product details and the company profile. In the product details you will find sections such as product parameters, description, features, applications, company information, manuals, certifications, and FAQ.


Different Manufacturers

The price list does not necessarily include products from the same company. A digital price list, obtained from an eCommerce platform,  will have merchandise from different owners, sellers, or manufacturers. This allows you to investigate various sellers or companies and determine their levels of command in the market.

Some digital price lists in eCommerce platforms do not come with direct links to the company, seller or owner’s website: What you will find is a company name, location, and profile. The company profile is simple and may contain a brief background history of its involvement in the LED solar streetlight industry. From here you can make an inquiry of the product you wish to buy.

A digital price list should direct you to the specific company price list where you will get to see other products by the owner, seller, or manufacturer. A company price list consists of the various products and services on offer with the price and details indicated. Furthermore, getting the source information of a street light component using LED and Solar technology will guide you to get an insight into the current innovations and technology in use.

Visual aid

A useful LED Solar Street Light Price List should attempt to give you a description of the type of product on sale. Most of them come with a gallery or video that shows a pictorial view of the product.  These visual aids help clear the ambiguity of how we imagine the final outcome will become. In our case, the street light should be visible in its assembled or disassembled state.

You can use a visual aid to understand the design of the product and determine the components that come with it. It is often rare to find pictorial views of the intricate components like an integrated battery or controller, a piece of information that you can get from the details section.

If a gallery or video is provided for each product on the price list, then it is easier to know the design (all-in-one, semi-split, or fully split). Besides the design, you should be able to see the final product in its final assembly state.


Price lists can be filtered and customized according to your specifications. A written document price list might not provide the function of sorting out things, so you will have to scan through it to get the component you need. A digital price list lets you specify the wattage and lowest to high price or vice versa.

The price list you will receive from each company will contain products of different design and qualities. A digital price list obtained from an eCommerce platform will have a variety of products, but there is an option to filter the search based on your choice of customization.

LED Solar Street Light Price List: Conclusion

Before you invest in a particular street light price list, you need to do research on the idea of how pricing is done. You can request a price list from companies or develop your own by listing the product that you have identified in order of price.

If you are interested in one particular type of solar street light, then you need to have a price list with the same values. However, this may not be possible because the patents of each product are not the same but tend to perform a similar task.

If you wish to buy from an e-commerce price list, then you should always define the product that you want and then identify the manufacturer or the seller; You will need to buy a product from reliable sources. What you are looking for is a product that can deliver adequate lighting.

PS: If you have any requirement for solar LED street light, please feel free to contact DEL ILLUMINATION


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