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Working and Guidelines On How To Install Solar Street Light

It’s very easy to install solar street lights. In comparison to a traditional grid light, installation of solar street light is much easier. Any area, be it a remote area or a highly residential area, it’s very easy to place solar street lights. Solar street lights are a very cost effective, eco-friendly and hassle free lighting system, which uses solar energy for production.

Tools such as a 20m start up hoist, a monkey wrench and an inner hexagon wrench are required for the installation of solar street light. After you have collected and accumulated all the mentioned tools, you must surround the area where you are planning to install the solar lights, with guard lines. Before starting the procedure, please go through the installation manual properly. And also check the street light kit thoroughly with the below mentioned parts:


1. Solar Panel

Solar panels or sun-oriented boards are designed to extract sunrays as a medium of energy for the production of electricity, light etc. These panels are referred to as photovoltaic since they are used for converting light energy directly into electrical energy.  Solar panel is fabricated from Solar cells. A huge quantity of little solar cells are spread over an enormous surface region, which can used together for arrangement of adequate power to be utilized.

The mechanism of the solar cell is, if amount of light that falls on the cell is more, then it will help in generating more electricity. So more the light, more the power. Two types of solar panels are utilized to accomplish power. The most widely recognized and most commonly used is the solar electricity cells.

Diverse designs of solar panels, which are expanding in terms of popularity and prevalence, are the solar-based water heating panels, which can very easily provide hot water supply to every corner of the of house, hot water to the swimming  pools and for numerous other purposes.


2. LED lights

The solar street lights are utilized or we can say activated from dusk to dawn. They have an automatic feature of turning on when it is dusk and turning off, when it is dawn.

LEDs are utilized in current road lights to give more splendid light with low energy utilization. The energy utilization of LED apparatus is lesser than the high-pressure sodium apparatus, which is commonly utilized in conventional streetlights. In comparison to the incandescent and fluorescent lights, the single LED is not equivalent to them. Many LEDs will give splendid light than these lights. The upsides of LEDs mostly incorporate environment- friendly, very rigid, no ultraviolet outflows and long life.

3.Rechargeable battery

One of the most important component in the installation of the LED street light system is Rechargeable batteries. It’s a kind of electrical battery also called as a secondary cell. For the most part, there are two types of batteries in particular, one is gel cell deep cycle battery and the other one is lead acid battery. These rechargeable batteries are utilized for storing the electricity produced from the solar panel during sunrise in solar LED street lights, so that it can manage the energy consumption in the sunset. The lifetime of the battery and usage is very important as It showcases the durability and reinforcement time of streetlights so that they can reused.


4. Pole

A solid shaft is required for every single road light and furthermore for a solar street light. There are different parts, for example, boards, batteries and apparatuses fixed on the highest point of the post. In this light, working voltage is 12V DC which is an apparent framework voltage, and the output of the pole at 12 feet is at least 09 LUX unit.


5. Controller

A controller is a critical gadget in solar street light which is used to choose the status of the charging and lighting by turning it on or turning it off. The controllers available in the market these days comprise of a battery charger, an auxiliary power supply, a LED light driver , a MCU and an assurance circuit. The battery can be charged by the power obtained from the solar panels boards during dawn and keeping in mind that in the dusk it charges the battery.


6. Interconnecting Cables

For interconnecting Battery box on top of the pole, LED and solar panel, these cables are used. It connects the photovoltaic module to the controller and then to the lamps and the battery. There are certain sizes and length of the cables which can used for the installation but measurements are selected based on the current being carried to the LED street lights and height of the pole.


Procedures for how to install solar street light

Installing the foundation:

Select a levelled area, like a flat ground with no inclination to install the foundation of the solar street light. Using screws, place the basic cage to the ground. Either of the one side of the cage should be parallel to the edge of the road. Then by using concrete, secure the basic cage and it will serve as your foundation of the solar street light.

Installing Battery box and Battery

Besides the basic cage, place the battery underground at about 600mm

Install Solar Street Light: Setup the Street Light

  • Lift the pole: With the use of a supporting bench, lift the street light pole, off the ground by 1m.
  • Installing Solar Bracket at top of the Pole: Solar panel and brackets are placed on the pole with the help of bolts. Then solar panels are connected to the street light, the controller and the battery.
  • Installing Light fixture on the Pole: Light fixture is placed on the ground with the back part facing the upward direction. Press the red buttons on both sides, turn the fixture around and place the plastic lamp holder with the help of screws. After that, place the LED bulb in the holder.
  • Place controller with the correct wires and leads inside the lamp pole


We hope you have gotten a clear perspective with respect to Solar street lights. Make sure to follow these safety guidelines and instructions to ensure a successful installation.


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