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How much do solar street lights cost and where can I get them conveniently?

With the increasing energy needs in the world, more and more people are seeking new and innovative ways to solve energy problems. Solar street lights are a great solution and substitute to the traditional energy-consuming electric street lights. Solar street lights have several unique features and benefits. As a result, solar street lights have become increasingly popular all over the world. But How much do solar street lights cost and where can I get them conveniently? Here are the guidelines.

Where to get solar street lights

There are numerous solar street light manufacturers. Del Illumination co. Ltd is among the leading manufacturers of solar street lights around the world.

With a design team based out of Germany, where they develop and come up with the best design and the highest quality product you could possibly have. They are supported by the very superb engineering and design team from the Dresden University popular for its LED technology.

Once the solar street lights are designed in Germany, they are sent to China where the manufacturing and logistics team is based. Del Illumination provides a variety of solar street lights such as garden lights, billboard lights, and floodlights.

How much do solar street light costs?

Here is how much do solar street lights cost.Solar street lights which comprise the LED bulb, attached solar panel, lithium-ion battery and a weatherproof pole costs within the range of $1,500 to $1,800.

Unique features of solar street lights


Solar street lights are made of a light material that enables them to withstand the vagaries of the weather. They are able to withstand extreme changes in temperature. Whether in the hottest summers or the coldest winters solar street lights are unlikely to be affected and will keep lighting on. This ensures that they have a longer life compared to traditional street lights.


Solar street lights are water-resistant. They are not affected by water in any way and are unlikely to cause their beneficiaries any harm in case of floods. Solar street lights will keep lighting even when submerged underwater during the worst of storms.

Have a solar panel attached to them

This unique feature qualifies these street lights to be classified as solar street lights. This solar panel absorbs energy from the sun and passes it onto a lithium-ion battery that stores the energy and lights the LED bulbs.

They are off the grid

Solar street lights do not rely on the power grid. They absorb their energy from the sun and store it in their batteries to provide light even when the sun does not shine for several days.

Benefits of solar street lights

Low maintenance cost

With their innate features, solar street lights have lower maintenance costs compared to traditional street lights. They generate and store their own energy from the sun. In addition, they are weatherproof and the LED bulbs are long-lasting. As such, they will have a longer life than traditional street lights.

Do not require electricity

In this age of cyber warfare, it is difficult for solar street lights to be turned off by malicious cyber terrorists who target online electricity grids. With the capacity to self-generate their own energy requirements and to store it, they will light up even when the grid is down.

Can add energy to the grid

Solar street lights can be used as a source of power to the electricity grid. As a renewable source of energy, solar street lights can convert sunlight to energy and feed it into the power grid. This will help reduce reliance on sources of energy that are causing more harm to the earth than good.

Help reduce environmental pollution and global warming

Solar lighting reduces the carbon output into the air which helps reduce global warming.

Appealing to the eye

Unlike the traditional street lights, solar street lights add aesthetic appeal to the environment in which they are used.

Reduced glare

Solar street lights have sufficient light rather than very bright light and reduce glare which often causes road accidents.

How do solar street lights work?

Solar street lights comprise a solar panel, LED bulb, and batteries that store and convert the energy from the sun into electricity.

The solar panel absorbs the light and heat from the sun. It passes it to the batteries that convert it to electric energy. The battery also stores this converted energy and passes it to the LED bulbs which then convert the energy to light.

As a result of the battery storage, solar lights can light up even when there is little or no sunshine. In addition, solar panels on the solar street lights are able to absorb heat from the environment even in low temperatures.

How much do solar street lights cost: Conclusion

Solar street lights are highly affordable and easy to maintain. They have an appealing aesthetic and are easy to use. They are environmentally friendly and are a favorite of environmentalists.


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