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The Cost Solar Street Light Brings to Your Construction Investment

Power and cost solar street light are key elements in a construction project, especially when you intend to work throughout the night. The paths that the heavy vehicles will use need to be visible at night to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of building materials.

Lighting up a large construction site can be an expensive venture if you use the traditional on-grid method, which draws electricity from the main grid. Conventional methods are usually less convenient when there are power outages.

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Solar Street Lights as Alternatives

You may be thinking about using a gas or diesel generator to power your street lights when the lights are out, but have you considered the cost of fuel? There is always a clean green solution to your lighting needs, and solar street light is one of them.

Solar street lights are good replacements or substitutes for gas or diesel generator for lighting construction sites. These alternatives are quiet in operation and have no emissions that pollute the environment.

Sources of Cost

The cost of solar street light brings to your construction investment is comparatively low since it relies on natural and dependable sources. The only investment you will make will cater to the purchase and installation of the required units.

You will only need standard utility power when their no ample supply of sunlight in the area. Some manufacturers offer hybrid street light systems. The use of solar energy to power lighting sources is often used in remote areas where there are no electrical connections.

The cost of solar street light brings to your construction investment will depend on the lighting requirements and the weather conditions of the location. Costs that come after installation result from your efforts to maintain the working conditions of the equipment.

A high cost of solar street light will only come when:

  • We ignore the security state of the area
  • There are too much sky cover and no insolation
  • We buy Low-quality components
  • We poorly size the system
  • We cannot upgrade the system

The sizing of your solar street light system relies on the total power requirement of the light, the autonomy of the illumination, and the number of hours of operation per day.

Modern solar street light systems eliminate the need for trenching and laying down of standard electric wires for installation. They provide cost-saving through wireless connectivity and getting rid of electric bills for the entire life of the system. Overall, The Cost Solar Street Light Brings to Your Construction Investment is less.

Controlling the Cost

You stand to enjoy the advantage of buying products in high quantities. Bulk buying attracts discounts, and it is an advantage that can reduce your initial investment.

There are various solar street light styles available for different applications based on the customer’s requirements. Some of these solutions are affordable or expensive, depending on the features they come with pre-installed. Expect the price for a smart or intelligent solar street light to be higher than the conventional options.

Solar street lights that are built to last are solar at a higher price, but if you consider their long-term service, you will discover that it is a win-win situation for you. You can buy Solar street lights as a complete system from one manufacturer or different components from a variety of selected manufacturers. Solar street light has the following components:

  • PV Module
  • Rechargeable Backup Battery
  • Lighting fixture
  • Solar Charge Controller
  • And other accessories for mounting and installation

the image displays components that can influence cost solar street light

You can get these components from various manufacturers. The advantage of this method of purchase is that you will end up with compatible and best-quality products. However, you might pay a high cost of transportation since they will be coming from different locations unless they offer free shipping.

Buying all products from one manufacturer, such as DEL ILLUMINATION, has the advantage of transportation since the package comes from one location.

Compared to other applications, the cost of a solar street light on a construction site may be costly due to the amount of dust landing on the surface of the solar panels. Some manufacturers will offer dustproof solutions and designs that prevent a build-up of dust, but in the end, you will need to clean them up regularly for optimum performance.

Most of the products you get from manufacturers of modern solar street lights are waterproof with an IP rating of 65 and above. Cleaning the components is easy with a hosepipe as long as the strength of the water jet does not go beyond the recommended force.

The cost of solar street lighting is positive only when you get efficient and effective solutions that agree with your lighting budget and plan. Systems that use basic and manual operations are customizable and affordable.

There are situations that you cannot control that can greatly affect the cost of your investment.  A drastic change in weather can limit the amount of solar conversion or destroy the unit. Harsh weather is always energy when it comes to solar energy, so it is good to design with the changes in climatic conditions of the area.

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Solar street light

Cost solar street light: Conclusion

The cost of solar street lights is long-term since construction industries can use these portable and durable solutions in their building sites or road work. Since it uses the cheapest and most efficient energy source, solar street light is more sustainable during the building process.  Overall, The Cost Solar Street Light Brings to Your Construction Investment is less.

With solar street lights, you can extend your working hours without disturbing the community or paying fees for noise and air emission regulation standards violations.

The cost goes down when you design your solar street light units according to your specifications. Custom designs help to eliminate features that are not necessary for your project. If you add unique features to your lighting needs, you will have to spend more.

The cost of solar street light brings to your construction investment is less compared to traditional on-grid solutions. Since these alternative systems can be optimized, bringing down the cost to a figure matching your budget is easy. Overall, The Cost Solar Street Light Brings to Your Construction Investment is less.




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