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How to arrange the LED landscape lights in a city lighting project? 7 Easy Tips

City lighting project has been in full swing with the progress of the time, and it has become an important indicator of the improvement and beautification. A city that shines is the eyes of the country. The light of the city impresses the soul, makes the city warm, and improves the happiness of the whole city. These are enough to prove that the lighting project has developed and merged in the rich connotation from a single function of visual enjoyment.

the image displays a city lighting project

A city lighting project

How to arrange LED landscape light in a city lighting project?

DEL Lighting will explain to you in detail as following.


1. Night illumination of bridge

The night illumination of the bridge is mainly to highlight the overall effect of the bridge. Art lights should be placed along the road on both sides of the bridge, and one can be placed every 4-5 meters, to make the sides of the bridge glitters like pearl chain. It not only serves as lighting, but also make the bridge more beautiful. By using different styles of lights and unique techniques, the lighting of bridge can create different aesthetics.


2. Building contour lighting

The exterior lighting of the building is designed to directly outline the contour of the building with a line light source. Common line lights source includes string lights, neon lights, light-resistant lights, light pipes, LED light bars, and whole-body light-emitting fibers. Illuminating the edges of the building with narrow light will make the building more stereoscopic and visual.


City lighting project: Overpass night lighting

The overpass is an important transportation hub in the city, and the quality of overpass lighting have directly related to the safety and smoothness of the entire city. Similarly, overpass lighting is also an important part of city landscape lighting. Therefore, a good overpass lighting is the prerequisite for ensuring that its function is maximize. The overpass is mainly a lane that runs up and down and spreads around. Lighting effect of the overpass should reflect both the contour of the lane edge and to provide the lighting for the vehicles.


City lighting project not only beautifies the city, but also provides a good lighting environment for people to travel at night, promoting the development of city economy. The city at night is particularly fascinating with the outline of the lights. When the night falls, the city becomes more dazzling. Under the decoration of light, the night of the city shows a different view from the daytime, even more beautiful. It is like a fairy’s magic wands, only revealed when the night comes, and the first light is the time that truly show its charm.

For example, in Shanghai, a bright pearl on the land of China, a city that never sleeps. The night in Shanghai is sleepless, and the night view of Shanghai is tempting. The rivers on the Shanghai Bund are colorful under the reflection of the lights, The Oriental Pearl Tower is particularly dazzling in the lights among all the buildings.

the image displays a city lighting project

Oriental Pearl Tower

Tips to help you arrange your LED lights in a city lighting project

To arrange LED landscape lights in a city lighting project, you should:

  1. Determine the purpose: You should determine the purpose of your city lighting project before arranging the LED landscape lights. This will help you decide on the type and placement of the lights.
  2. Plan the layout: Plan the layout of the lights by sketching a map of the area you want to light up. Take into consideration the size and shape of the area and any objects or obstacles that could affect the placement of the lights.
  3. Choose the right type of lights: Choose the right type of LED landscape lights for the area you want to light up. There are various types of LED landscape lights, including spotlights, floodlights, path lights, and bollards.
  4. Determine the appropriate brightness: Determine the appropriate brightness of the lights for the purpose of the city lighting project. For example, bright lights may be appropriate for security lighting but may not be suitable for ambient lighting.
  5. Consider energy efficiency: Consider using LED lights for your city lighting project to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. LED lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting.
  6. Use a mix of lighting techniques: Create a more dynamic and interesting effect by using a mix of lighting techniques. Consider using up-lighting, downlighting, and cross-lighting to highlight different features of the area.
  7. Test the lighting design: Test the lighting design before installing the lights to ensure that it achieves the desired effect. Adjust the placement and brightness of the lights as needed.


City lighting is the display of city taste and a reflection of city charm. The proper application of LED landscape lights in various scenes can highlight the characteristics of the city itself, accelerate the construction of city infrastructure, and promote the development of local economy.

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