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7 Reasons Why DEL ILLUMINATION Has The Best Solar LED Street Light

The solar LED street light market is almost full of products from existing and emerging manufacturers. You may be asking yourself questions such as, which company offers the best solar LED  street light products? This article should help you understand as to why DEL ILLUMINATION tops the list using seven points.

Advanced Technology in the field of solar and LED appliances has greatly influenced the demand for street lighting. Modern street lights are meant to eliminate the need for cabling, promote the use of green energy, and to increase the lifespan of the components that make up the street light system.

These efforts have led to what the market calls integrated solar LED street light. DEL ILLUMINATION appears to be ahead in the development of cost-effective solutions. Here is why the company stands out from manufacturers who only specialize in solar LED Street light:

1.Geographically Dispersed Team

The DEL ILLUMINATION workforce is made up of two teams from different locations and performing specific functions. The first team is located in Shenzhen, China, while the second team works from  Germany. The china based team specializes in manufacturing and supply chain management. On the other hand, the German team specializes in the design, research, and development.

The company has a large team of qualified staff, giving it is the capacity to serve its customers well. A team of technicians from different disciplines will be able to solve problems form all angles of the business.

Their geographically dispersed team provides them with a wide scope of knowledge and skills that can be applied to improve the products in the market and meet all solar LED street lighting needs.


2.Vast Experience

Combining the Chinese and the German team, the company has ten years of experience in research and development, manufacturing, and supply chain management. It also has eight years of experience in led marketing orientation.

Considering the vast experience,  the company has a strong logistic and wide distribution network. It has enabled them to offer better services and flexible after-sale service in Europe, Asia, and all around the world. Since 2010 DEL has built experience in both indoor and outdoor LED before venturing into solar LED street lighting.

Having participated in more than 625 projects and served more than 285 clients in about 37 countries is clear proof of their experience.

3. Patented Designs And Products

At DEL ILLUMINATION, they only specialize in Solar LED Street light. Their focus on one type of product is the reason why they are successful in delivering high quantity products at lower prices. More of their time, energy, and resources are used in optimizing the existing product with continuous improvement.

All the solar LED street lights made by DEL ILLUMINATION  have a patent. Their products are unique, and you can only find them right from the company and nowhere else. The all in two design has mounts two all in one design in one pole, allowing the device to illuminate the opposite side of each other.

With experience in outdoor and, indoor LED combined with Solar LED, the company produces two types of solar LED street light: All in One and All in Two. The company has embraced the need for a shift from traditional street light. The all in one design comes with an integrated lighting system: the lighting fixture, solar modules, and the battery are all integrated into one unit.

4. Advanced Technology And  Intelligent Systems.

The solar led street light products made by DEL ILLUMINATION utilize intelligent lighting systems. This system automates the functionality of the lamp.  The technology in use offers three features, Motion Sensor, Time Control, and Internet Control. Based on day and night, and according to different conditions, they have a solution for you.

Through its German team and the research done in the Dresden University of Technology, a leading R&D center of LED worldwide, the company The technology utilizes solar and LED state of the art technology.  Their design is tailor-made for market needs.


5. Quality Standards And Control

Since the product is designed in Germany and manufactured in China, the products get to satisfy the standards of quality from the two companies.

The company makes its products using twelve strict quality control steps. These steps include the inspection of solar panels, solar charging controller, lithium battery, LED light source,  Aluminimum structure, complete inspection before parking, and finished product before delivery.

Other steps include a lamp, semi-finished parts, and finished parts testing procedures. Each component undergoes salt spray, vibration, high and low temperature, and weatherproof tests. Their products have been highly appreciated and accepted in Europe, North America, Australia offers Africa for its excellent quality.

6. Certification

The company has a certification document for R&D, manufacture, and sales of solar and Led lighting products under the ISO 9001:2015  quality management systems standards, the current version of the ISO 9001 family, and only a few companies, across all industries,  have implemented this type of standard. The company gets audited every year by the ISO body.

They produce products under the ISO9001-2005 production management system. Their products also pass  CE(LVD & EMC), C-tick, FCC, IEC, IK08, IP66, LM80, MSDS, and RoHS certifications.

7. Partnership

In the spirit of going far by working with others, the Del ILLUMINATION has partnered with other companies to develop a strong supply chain and better serve their customers around the world. The company has partnered with companies such as  Vento Solar, Mulika Africa Solar, and Chor Rungsang Lighting, which come from different parts of the world.


Best Solar LED Street Light: Conclusion

The following seven reasons are the pillars that hold DEL ILLUMINATION at the top of the solar LED street light market. They are indeed professional manufacturers and suppliers of the solar-powered LED  street lights for indoor or outdoor use.  There is no reason why you should not choose DEL as a supplier for your coming or future project of Best Solar LED Street Light; you might not know what you are missing.



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