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A comprehensive buying guide for 100w solar street light

There are various kinds of solar street lights available in the market, which differ from each other in different aspects. Similarly, there are many manufacturers of 100w solar street light in the market around the world, which gives consumers an opportunity to properly research the market and purchase those products, which meet their requirements comprehensively in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

In this article, we will discuss a buying guide for 100w solar street light. It is among the most commonly used solar streetlights as it appropriately fulfills the basic requirements of consumers. We will discuss the comprehensive criteria following which people will be able to make informed decisions regarding their investment. The salient aspects of the criteria are as follows:


Scientific design of the solar street light

The design of solar streetlight is highly important since it should fulfill the specific requirements of the consumers. There are solar streetlights of diverse designs available in the market and they are useful under different circumstances. Therefore, people should make an informed assessment of their specific needs and purchase a solar street light, which conforms to these requirements in a comprehensive manner so that they can get good value out of their investment. However, in case they are not aware of the most suitable designs for the requirements then they can evaluate the design of the product from some of the important aspects listed below:


  • Material: The manufacturing material of the 100w solar street light is of high significance. The solar street light manufactured using aluminum alloy are light, compact, and more durable as compared to other materials. Therefore, we recommend aluminum frame design solar streetlights.


  • Colling mechanism: the regulation of temperature is highly important for the smooth operation of solar streetlights. Therefore, there should be appropriate design features for ensuring the cooling of the light during its operation. Some of the design features for cooling include sinkholes at different sides of the streetlight for the dissipation of heat. These devices also have various certifications for cooling efficiency. The users can check whether the 100w solar street light has any of the certifications before making the investment.


  • Weight and mounting mechanism: The solar street light should be durable and low weight, which will make it convenient to install it. Similarly, different solar street lights have a different mounting structures. People should ensure that the mounting structure is most appropriate for their requirements.


Lighting Technology

A lot of lighting technologies are available in solar street light such as LED, sodium lights, HID, etc. We recommend LED technology because it is highly efficient and environment-friendly as compared to conventional lamps. These solar street light may be expensive as compared to traditional lights but they provide high value for investment. However, their efficiency and energy conversion rate is much higher, which means that they operate longer time for or a specific consumption level as compared to traditional lights which consume and dissipate more energy and operate for less period of time.



The street light should have sufficient brightness for the convenience of people within the coverage area of the light. Similarly, it should have different modes of operation depending upon the requirements. The most common mode of streetlights includes bight, DIM, and recharge.


Motion and light sensors

These are intelligent solutions for the smooth functioning of solar streetlights during the night.  We recommend that these sensors should be present as they will regulate the consumption of energy and enhance its operation. The light sensor will turn on or off automatically by detecting the level of natural light in the atmosphere. Similarly, the motion sensor will detect motion in this coverage area and turn on or off the light accordingly. These sensors are highly important since they ensure the most intelligent use of energy during the operation of the 100w solar street light and make sure that unnecessary consumption of power is avoided throughout its operation automatically.


Battery Capacity

The capacity of the battery should be appropriate for ensuring the long-term operation of the solar street light. We recommend that the battery should be capable of supporting at least 5 days of operation. This is important since during the rainy season enough solar insolation might not be available. This will have an impact on the storage of the battery. In case the battery is not able to provide enough power to the days the solar insolation is not available then it will leave the people with the source of light for a long period.



The solar street light should have a waterproofing mechanism since atmospheric conditions can have an impact on its working. In case waterproofing is not available then it will affect the working of the light in an adverse manner.


Ease of Installation

The solar street light should be convenient to install since otherwise, you will have to hire a professional. The installation costs can have a significant impact on the budget of installing the lights.


100w solar street light: Aftersales Services

The manufacturer should guarantee aftersales services for at least 3 years because these lights can run into minor issues over the course of time. In the absence of aftersales support, people might have to spend extra money to get the services.


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