Today the new countryside construction is in full swing. The old countryside has poor infrastructures and poor living environments. The construction of new countryside to improve such situation, to make improvement on the old style. In the infrastructure aspect, there is a large demand for countryside road lights, and farmers have gradually improved their nightlife quality. In the new countryside lighting, integrated solar street light is getting more popular among people. It has gained recognition because of its own advantages.

And how is the integrated street light different from traditional city circuit lights and traditional solar street lights?

DEL Lighting will introduce to you the four advantages of integrated solar street lights.

Price advantage

Although the traditional city circuit lights have better offer at the purchase, but the labor and maintenance at the later stage account for a large part of the cost. For example, accessories replacement, electricity bill, irregular maintenance, wiring and set up the poles, it consumed the cost but also cost a lot of manpower. Solar street lights are called maintenance-free because they require few maintenances at a later stage and only require to repair unless there is damage. Moreover, integrated solar street lights are much cheaper than ordinary solar street lights.

Simple construction

The construction of traditional city circuit lights is complicated. It requires excavation, wiring, and landfill during the early stage, and will occupy a large number of farmers’ land, which raise the disputes; while the traditional solar street lights have more advantages than city circuit lights during the construction, which only needs have an advantage, only need to dig pits and landfills, and do not need to lay cables.

Integrated solar street lights can be installed in two ways:

It can be installed like traditional solar street lights- dig pits and fill poles, or install on the existing utility poles, walls, or other supporters. The construction process is reduced and accelerated, with more than one hundred street lights can be installed in three days, which is incomparable to the other two street lamps.

integrated solar street light: Simple maintenance

Once the traditional city circuit lights or solar street lights have a problem, the repair works are more complicated. Professional installation personnel are required on-site for the maintenance, and the process is as well more cumbersome. If the components brought are not completed, it will waste a lot of time. Thus, now there are many street light factories that are not willing to do the repair works, which causes a lot of follow-up maintenance issues.

As for the integrated solar street lights, it only need to disassemble the light base and send it back to the factory for maintenance, saves the time and effort.

Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Both the traditional solar street lights and integrated solar street lights are low-carbon energy-saving products, energy-saving and environmentally friendly is the trend of the future development of the country. Integrated solar street lights not only make the countryside more beautiful, it is also an essential lighting products for the construction of new countryside.