All-in-One Solar LED Street Light

Product Structure

A new technology for solar street light is all in one solar LED street light. Within all in one design, its solar panel, LED Lamp, Lithium Battery, MPPT Controller are all integrated in one body. All In One Solar led street light is the first major brand designed by our German team and delivers in China. You can save time and money to call us @+86-13006686213 ! We delivers All In One Solar Led Street Light products with an intelligent lighting system at very reasonable cost. Shop now!

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AIO Solar LED Street light

Product Introduction

All-in-One Solar Led Street Light is a new technology for solar street light. With all in one design, its solar panel, LED lamp, Lithium battery and charging controller are all integrated in one body. With this technology, there will be no need for cable and digging battery hole underground. It will be very easy for installation.

In addition, All In One Solar Street Light has adopted the latest intelligent lighting system. The lamp can work automatically based on day and night. There will be three working ways(Motion Sensor/Time Control/Internet Control) according to different requirements. There will be no more setting after your installation.

Compared with traditional solar street light manufacturer, it can be much easier for the installation and transportation, much longer lifespan than lead-acid traditional one and much cheaper for the maintenance fee.

Solo Patented Design
Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Philips logo
Lithium Battery
MPPT Charging Controller
solar charging
Intelligent Lighting
Motion sensor
Adjustable Bracket Angle
adjustable bracket
Adjustable Lighting Angle
LED Module
Easy Maintenance
Easy Maintenance

Product Specification

Detailed datasheet for lighting, solar panel, battery, controller and general information

All-in-One Solar LED Street Light Technical Data
Model NO.
DEL-DN4-40 DEL-DN4-60 DEL-DN4-80 DEL-DN4-100 DEL-DN4-120 DEL-DN4-160
Efficiency 200-240LM/W
LED Chip Philips 3030 (certified per IESNA LM-80 TM-21)
CCT 3000-6000K
Life span 50 000 hours (12 years)
Max power
40W 60W 80W 100W 120W 160W
Nominal power
20W 30W 40W 50W 60W 80W
Typical Luminous Flux
4000 – 4800LM 6000-7200LM 8000 – 9600 LM 10000-12000LM 12000-14400LM 16000-19200LM
Beam angle 80ºx150º
Working way Motion Sensor/Time Schedule
Technology Mono-crystalline photovoltaic panels
Power of PV Module
50Wp 70Wp 100Wp 150Wp 210Wp 240Wp
Life span 25 years
Technology LiFePO4(Lithium Iron Phosphate)
Lithium Battery
256WH 384WH 512WH 640WH 768WH 1152WH
Autonomy 3 Rainy days
Life span 12 years
Technology MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking)
Life span 12 years
711*372*84MM 1027*372*84MM 1495*372*84MM 1027*1117*84MM 1063*1117*84MM 1495*1117*84MM
10.4KG 13.5KG 17.8KG 22.7KG 27.5KG 29.8KG
Work Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Recommended Installation
4-6M 6-8M 7-9M 8- 10M 10-12M 12-14M
Recommended Installation
15-25M 20-30M 25-35M 30-40M 35-45M 40-50M
Recommended Diameter of
Top mounting
55-65MM 55-65MM 55-65MM 55-65MM 55-65MM 55-65MM

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