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Light Design Service

Most solar lighting is used for projects and projects require light design services.

Our company can provide such services. We calculate the lamp quantity to meet your lux requirements, according to the drawing.

Solar Led Light Project
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ODM Customize Service

ODM means “Original Design Manufacturer”

Our company can customize the products according to your ideas or if you have your own design, we can also manufacture it for you. This design will be only sold to you, no others.

OEM Service

OEM means “Original Equipment Manufacturer”

We can provide our products with your brand. All the labels can be in your brand way or local language, which will be very good for your brand promotion or local market.

Original equipment manufacturer

SKD Service

SKD means “SemiKnocked Down”

For some government projects, it is preferred that the products are made in the respective home country of each government. With this requirement, we support our clients in an SKD way, meaning that we send our products in seperate parts to the required country, which then assembles all of the parts, making it possible to be declared as “Made in” the respective country. We will be in charge of all the trainings.

Marketing Service

If you want to sell one product, the marketing documents will be necessary.

If you want to sell a product, marketing will be needed. We can provide all open marketing documents(such as catalogues, specifications, why choose us, HD pictures and more). There can be used to succsessfully market your products easily, effecitively and quickly.

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