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Light Design Service

Solar lighting is predominantly utilized for various projects, which often necessitate professional lighting design services. Our company is well-equipped to offer these services, including the calculation of the required number of lamps to meet your lux specifications based on the provided drawings.

ODM Customize Service

ODM, an abbreviation for “Original Design Manufacturer,” signifies our commitment to tailoring products to your unique needs. Whether you have specific ideas in mind or possess your own designs, we are more than capable of bringing your vision to life. Rest assured, any design we create for you will remain exclusively yours, with no distribution to others.

OEM Service

OEM, an acronym for “Original Equipment Manufacturer,” allows us to offer our products under your brand name. We can customize all labels to align with your brand’s identity or local language, greatly enhancing your brand promotion and local market presence.

Original equipment manufacturer

SKD Service

“SKD” stands for “Semi-Knocked Down.” In certain government projects, there is a preference for products to be manufactured within the respective home country of each government. To meet this requirement, we provide support to our clients in an SKD manner. This involves sending our products in separate parts to the required country, where they are assembled. This approach allows the final product to be officially labeled as “Made in” the respective country. We will take responsibility for all necessary training.

Marketing Service

When you’re ready to sell your product, you’ll need marketing support, and we can provide you with a comprehensive array of marketing resources, including catalogues, specifications, compelling reasons to choose us, high-definition images, and more. These resources can be instrumental in facilitating the successful and efficient marketing of your products.

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