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Guide for Solar Street Light Installation

Are you looking for best street light to install in your home? Go for solar street light since it is simple to install. All you need is to have simple equipment to assemble the street light’s components. For great projects, proficient solar street light specialists can offer you technical assistance and training. For several solar street light installations, you need to hire proficient technicians with certified certificates; those specialized in the solar street light installation are highly recommended.

What You Need for Solar Street Light Installation

What to Prepare Before Installation

Before installing the solar street light, the following steps ought to be considered.

  1. Construction area should be surrounded using guard lines. In the construction area, only installation personnel and specialists should be allowed.
  2. Go through the solar street light installation manual: this allows you to familiarize yourself with the circuit diagram, installation procedures, as well as safety measures you need to consider before starting the installation process.
  3. Get a complete solar street light kit: the kit should have controller, battery box and battery, lamp pole, solar panel, light fixture, access panel, solar bracket (kickstand) and basis cage.

Solar Street Light Installation Procedure

Installing Foundation

For the solar street light’s foundation to be installed, a flat and level ground that does not have inclination should be considered. Using four-screw, the Basis Cage should be screwed and secured to the ground. The Basis Cage’s one side ought to be parallel to the road’s edge. The best Basis Cage is one that with concrete; it gives a strong foundation to your street light.

Installing Battery Box and Battery

During solar street light installation, the battery ought to be underground, but besides the Basis Cage. For the installation to be successful, you must know how to connect the electric-based circuit.

Setup the Street Light

Off the ground, the street light pole should be lifted using the supporting bench. At the top of the pole, you need to consider installing and securing solar bracket in addition to securing it with the bolts. During solar street light installation, every component ought to be handled with care. The electrical circuit diagrams, which show how the panel is connected to street light, battery, and controller, should be considered.

On the street light pole is where the light fixture is installed. With the light fixture’s back part facing upward, place it on the ground. On both sides of the fixture, there are red buttons that need to be turned on. Turn the fixture around in addition to screwing the holder. In the holder, place the street LED light bulb. In case, electronic ballast is essential; it should be placed in the fixture. On the solar street light installation manual, the circuit diagram should be followed when connecting the controller and the fixture. The light fixture should be connected and secured to the street light pole.

Check the solar street light installation as well as connections to be sure every component has been put in the right place. Ensure that the components and the wires are connected in relation to the circuit diagram.

Using a crane, erect the street light pole, and on the bottom plate, the pole should be upright. Then, secure and fix it with some bolts. Inside the pole, place the controller using the appropriate leads and wires. Confirm if the street light installation was appropriately done and if the street light is behaving and working as expected.

Solar Street Light Installation: Cost

Until the monetary details are scrutinized, the cost of the solar street light can be a deterrent for the interested parties. The greatest difference between the cost of solar and traditional street lights is in terms of the installation fees.

For the traditional street lights to garner power, they must be connected to the standard electrical grid, though this requires wiring and trenching. When labor fees for wiring and trenching are added, there are chances of this process costing about $120, and this is just for a linear foot. Based on this, the tradition street light installation can cost approximately $4500, which is significantly expensive as compared to the pricing of most solar street lights.

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Solar Energy Street Light: Grid-Tied, Off-Grid or Hybrid?

Since solar street lights are known to be autonomous as well as the off-grid system, you can avoid the costly and long process of wiring and trenching. As a result, the price of solar street light installation will significantly reduce.

When the solar street light installation is paired with LED technology, the solar lights will be more efficient. Moreover, once installed, the solar street will take time for it to be repaired. It can take up to six years for its battery to be replaced. In other words, you need to settle for the solar street lights for security purposes at your home.


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