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Solar Street Light Design pdf: A step by step guide

Solar Street Light Design pdf: A step by step guide

If you were thinking that the solar energy concept and all the major innovation that seems to be coming out of it just started or was invented recently, then you would need to think again! The solar technology has been around for centuries as things have only gotten better. From the 17th century up until now, the things which we have been able to achieve with solar energy is simply amazing. From cars to street lights, there seems to be no end to the solar energy madness.

One of the standout innovations would surely be solar street light. It is important because of the state of street lights before the integration of solar LED lights, the amount of energy which was being consumed by street lights was often over the top. These issues were gone once the solar street lights reared its head. However, for most people, that just led to a different battle. Here is a step-step solar street light design pdf as follows:

Designing a solar street light

The quest to create effective solar street lights have led to a different kind of problem. How to design solar street lights is the most important aspect of the production process as it really decides what the street lights would turn out to be. Looking for an easy way to learn how to design a solar street light? Here is everything that you need to know in stages;

Step one: Setting out the parts

The parts of the solar lighting systems are the first things which you would need to focus on. Some of these parts would prove to be crucial to the formation of the entire system. The four major parts of any solar street light would be

  • The Pole
  • The LED light
  • The solar panels
  • Cables
  • Controllers
  • Battery

We shall consider these parts as they relate to the design.

Step Two: Designing your solar panels

When it comes to the solar street lights, the solar panels stand supreme. There’s hardly anything which can be accomplished without then. The solar panels would be divided into two main types. These would be the mono and polycrystalline. The sole aim of your solar panel would be to make sure that all the electricity which has been trapped is now converted into solar energy. This solar energy would not be responsible for making sure that your solar street light runs well.

You would have to pay careful attention when you have to choose between the mono and polycrystalline. This is because your choice would have a direct effect on the amount or quality of light that is produced.

Step three: Designing your LED lights

Once you have gotten your LED lights out of the way, the next step would be to design your LED lights. Now the good thing about LED lights is that it is easier to get a brighter display and unlike other forms of lights, this does not come at the expense of spending more energy.

Some of the other lights such as the fluorescent lamps amongst others also pale in comparison with the LED lamps. When used in sets, the output which is generated is likely to leave other lighting systems far back in its wake.

When designing your LED lamps, some of the things which you should look out for what would make your lights be more friendly to your environment and release no form of emission. That to me should be the primary focus.

Step four: Batteries

Of course, just like most solar technology, the need for batteries can’t even be argued. Batteries are what are responsible for making your solar systems stick when it is not charging. Simply put, all the solar energy which has been converted from the direct heat of the sunlight would all go to waste if there is not an excellent battery waiting to store them.

The battery is also going to come in handy when there is an absence of sunlight for a couple of days.  Now, when this happens, your solar street light would no longer be able to charge itself. Then principle here is that the longer the batteries hold out, the more likely you would be able to get light. It’s as easy as that.

Step five: choosing your Pole

Your solar panels, your controllers, batteries and a host of other things are going to get on the pole. This means that your pole would have to very strong. The pole would also be open to natural disasters or just extreme weather conditions. Without a strong pole, you might find yourself picking your solar panels off the ground.

When mapping out your solar street light design pdf, make sure that the opening voltage which is held by the solar panels is set to 12V. The light output would also be just about 09 LUX.

When designing your solar street lights, there are certain factors that must also be put into consideration. One of them is the location where your solar system would be. It would be pointless running your solar system all night in an area where you are very much aware that the movements in the night time are fairly down.

It would also not be a wise policy for you to have a smaller battery or a battery with less capacity when you are installing a solar street light in an area that is notorious for its bad weather. Doing this could put your entire project in danger and undermine all that you managed to create.

Making sure that you consider all the factors when you are designing a solar street light design pdf for a specific purpose or customer would make sure that you get the specifics to be used just right.

Solar Street Light Design pdf: Conclusion

The truth is that the particular type of components to be used would vary depending on the area which you have chosen. DEL Illumination would be happy to assist you in your quest to get the right solar-powered street light for your design. If you are ever in any doubt, you can approach them for the needed information.


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