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What you Must Know About Solar Street Light Connection Diagram

Installing streets lights isn’t a hard thing. You only need some common hand tools to fit together. However, it depends on the size of your project. Bigger projects will require you to involve specialists with higher skills because of the complexity. Nonetheless, you need to familiarize yourself with all the installation procedures. This includes the solar street light connection diagram and the safety measures necessary. Some beforehand preparations include surrounding the construction site with guard lines.

You also need solar street lights kit and the following are the parts included:

  • Solar panel
  • Light pole
  • Basis cage
  • Battery and battery box
  • Access panel
  • Flange
  • Kickstand
  • Light fixture
  • Access panel
  • Controller


For complex projects,  there is no cause of alarm.  Solar street light companies comes in handy to offer on-site training and technical assistance. Nevertheless, you need to understand comprehensively the connection setup. This solar street light connection diagram serves as a guide.

Here is what the solar street light connection diagram helps to understand.


Installation Procedures for a Solar Street Lam

You will only achieve proper installation through following the installation procedures to the letter. Benefits of following these procedures include receiving quality control measures from a manufacturing company. Otherwise, this service can be nullified because of improper installation

Poor installation interferes with smooth operations. Also, 80% of system failures result from poor installation practices.

Here are the installation procedures for a solar street lamp.

Foundation Installation

To install solar street light foundation, you need to choose a flat ground without inclination. Screw the basis cage firmly to the ground using four screws. One side of it must be parallel to the edge of the road.

Then, reinforce the basis cage with concrete and that gives you a firm foundation of a street lamp.


Battery and Battery Box Installation

Place the battery next to the basis cage at about 600mm. Then, use the electric circuit diagram to know how to connect the battery.


Set Up the Street Lamp

This requires six steps which include:


Lifting the Lamp Pole

Use a supporting bench to lift the lamp pole about 1 meter off the ground.


Install the Solar Bracket

Place the solar bracket at the top of the solar lamp pole. Install the solar panel on top of the solar bracket and tighten it with bolts. Again the electrical circuit will demonstrate how to connect the solar panel to the battery, the controller among others.


Place the Light Feature on the Light Pole

Put the light fixture on the ground backside facing up. Press the red buttons on the two sides of the fixture. Then, turn it around and secure the plastic black lamp holder with screws.

After that, put the LED light bulb inside the holder. You can as well place the electronic ballast inside the light fixture. Here you will also need to use the circuit diagram to connect the light fixture with the controller. After connection, attach the light fixture to the lamp hole.


Recheck the Installation and Connections

You need to confirm that everything is alright. Confirm that the wires and all components are connected as per the electrical circuit diagram. Note that any slight mistake can jam the whole process.


Erect the Lamp Pole Using a Crane

Raise the lamp pole using a crane. Ensure the bottom plate sits upright and fasten with bolts.


Fix the Controller Inside the Lamp Pole

While you place the controller inside the lamp pole ensure the wires and leads are well connected. Monitor the erected street light for some time to confirm that it’s working as expected. If it works, you should know that you have successfully installed your solar street light.

Following the street light connection diagram is key to installing your solar street light successfully.

A point worth consideration is that the success of solar street light installation begins with the right specification. The specification should not look vague or lead to the purchase of a cheap solar system. Most cheap systems lead to poor performance that may cause a loss of reputation.

You must have the correct performance parameters woven into the specification. It will be a guarantee to secure top quality solar street lighting systems. And you get the system at the most favorable price.


Solar Street Light Connection Diagram: Conclusion

The solar street connection diagram is worth your study to help you understand the solar street light installation setup. It helps understand the relationship between the various interconnected parameters. You are able to conceptualize how straightforward it is to install solar street light.

If you also want to become resource-efficient, you are right to go solar street light way. It becomes easy when you follow the available sources of advice. The solar street connection diagram is one such advice. You won’t be uncertain about the success of your solar street light project.

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For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours


For any inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee a response within 24 hours.


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