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How IoT Adoption Encourages the Spread of Smart Solar Street Light

Through the adoption of the IoT, lighting is greener, smarter, and safer in terms of managing solar power. Traditional grid outdoor lightings are expensive infrastructure assets that use almost half of the total energy budget of the city. This is the reason behind governments all over the world are under pressure since they are looking for ways in which they can be energy efficient. IoT adoption has encouraged the use of smart solar street light.

Solar LED Light Fixtures Are Energy Efficient

Some cities have considered replacing traditional luminaries with LED light fixtures that are energy efficient. Most street lights using LED are known to be smart street lights. There are associated with some benefits associated with this kind of lighting.

The smart solar street lights are known for consuming low power; hence, saving a certain percentage of energy. The cost of operating street lights is relatively cheap. The fact that it can detect outage as quick as possible; they can enhance safety and security. In response to emergencies or even high crime areas, safety can be improved. Street lights can be adjusted; illumination can be added or reduced at various times of the day and weather events.

Connected lighting system can lay the foundation for several applications of the smart solar street lights, which encourage efficiency, quality, and safety of life. Also, connected outdoor solar street lights create room for video surveillance and much more.

The fact that the smart solar street lights have introduced the use of video together with some sensing capabilities, it has been possible to survey traffic patterns and pedestrian activities as well as air quality monitoring for the video-surveillance based security to be effective.

Proven Reliability

Apart from smart solar street lights being reliable, they are easy to install and can reach almost everywhere. There are possibilities of developing unified IoT infrastructures for the lighting solution together with the value-added solutions. The following are certain aspects of the smart solar street lights:


Through cellular technology, reliable connectivity can be achieved in a way that scales from low to high transmission of data to assist in supporting several applications of smart solar street lights. There are chances of scaling your lighting solution to support things from dimming lighting to great bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video surveillance and sensor monitoring.

Ease of Installation

Complex initial surveys, continuous network maintenance, or advanced installation expertise with the cellular technology are needed at the street light pole. The reliable and secure cellular network that is in place can connect when the cellular node is turned on.

Maintaining Standards

Smart solar street lights can last after they have been deployed for several years. Smart solutions centered on global standards can be built to offer street lighting solutions.

IOT Based Solar Street Lights

Today, technology has made it possible for solar companies to manufacture smart solar street lights with inbuilt communication cards; hence solar street lighting has become smarter. This allows the lighting solutions to go to the next level, through which desktop and mobile phones can be used to remotely control and monitor the solar lighting system. The available communications that can be used incorporate hotspot, Bluetooth, SMS, and wifi. Other benefits associated with such street lights incorporate remote control, general system health checkup, remote monitoring, and self-autonomy.

Smart Solar Street Light: Conclusion

Smart solar street lights are a combination of different technologies. They are recommended since they save a lot of money for states, countries, and municipalities because they are not associated with expensive maintenance and repair costs. Moreover, there is a way in which it can be upgraded, hence allowing the network installation to be connected to the street lights in the main operating system. They are also for consuming low power; hence, allowing the users to save some portion of energy.

Through cellular technology, reliable connectivity has been achieved in a way that scales from low to high transmission of data to assist in supporting several applications of smart street lights. Technology has also encouraged solar companies to design the inbuilt communication cards to make solar street lights more effective in terms of offering the best lighting solution. The use of hotspot, Bluetooth, SMS, and wifi, desktops and mobile phone has made it possible for these street lights to be remotely controlled.

With more than four years, DEL Illumination has proven to be proficient and reliable in terms of creating smart solar street lights. The ideal places where such street lights can be used to incorporate campuses, factories, villages, petrol stations and communities. Moreover, the smart solar street lights are known for being the next super solar street light solution that is going to a change in terms of bringing about wireless lighting.

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