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6 Tips To Buy Quality Low Price Solar Street Light

When you are shopping for Solar Street lights, the price of these systems may offend you. It makes sense to go for quality over price. Sometimes a higher price solar street light does not mean a better product and vice versa.

The initial investment of a solar street light ranges depending on the price of individual components or the complete unit that’s if you wish to purchase all in one store. Some believe that you need to pay more now and get to enjoy your savings in the long run.

You can still buy quality low price solar street light and always make a saving. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve this combination. Part of the information may only apply if you are in charge of a large project.

the image displays a price solar street light

Solar led street light

Take Advantage of Bulk Discount.

You can buy quality solar street lights at a low price compared to the initial quote if you buy them in bulk. Manufacturers and sellers offer promotions, offers, and discounts such as free shipping when you buy their product in bulk.

If you think about it, saving money from not paying the material handling fees can be seen as buying at a low price if you are to include the shipping cost and other freight charges. Bulk purchasing is one of the most used strategies project managers use when they need to reduce the unit price of a product.

If you intend to use all the solar street lights units you purchase in your project, then the bulk discount will help you get a quality product at a low price. You can also team up with people who have an interest in the same product or join buying groups.

Buy Components from Different Vendors

Buying the entire solar street light system from one retailer could be quite pricey as compared to purchasing the main parts from different manufacturers. For you to ace it when using this strategy, you must examine several similar components with the quality and specification you want.

Visit the websites of reliable sellers and browse through their product selection. Identify solar street lights that match your specifications and start comparing their prices and additional features.  This strategy is what most original equipment manufacturers are doing to meet the demand.

The step that most people often ignore is going through the reviews by customers who have bought the components that you want to purchase. Identify genuine reviews and go through them to get the information you need in your analysis.

Compare the information obtained from the reviews and the advertisement to determine if they are one – you do not want to buy the wrong product. When you finish doing your research, you can then make your decision with the discounts and deals each retailer is offering in mind.

Make use of the Promo, voucher, coupon codes, free shipping, and other best bargains offers. The saving may be small, but if you have a large-scale project, the bulk discount might further reduce the price of the solar street light down.

Buy from The Original Manufacturer

Solar Street Lighting System Manufacturers

Reliable manufacturer

After doing some shopping and identifying some of the quality solar street lights, one of the best ways to reduce the price is to eliminate the retailer. If there is the option of buying directly from the original manufacturer, then that’s the most recommendable channel to use.

This option is only viable if you share the same geographical location as the manufacturer. You can conduct an online search for manufacturers near you that are offering quality products at reasonable prices. It is best to determine if you are dealing with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or Aftermarket manufacturer.

Some manufacturers have the option of negotiating the price of the product, and it is most common when you are buying in large quantities. Besides low prices, most manufacturers attach the best deals and warranties on custom-made products.

Customize the Product You Wish to Buy

As mentioned, custom-made products come with added deals and discounts. Using Bespoke designs can increase or decrease the price of a solar street light system. The price gets low when you omit come features and technology that can affect the pricing of these units.

Price Vs. Maintenance and Operating Cost

Sometimes, the overall purchase price may not be that expensive when you consider future expenses such as repair, replacement, and maintenance costs. The operating cost of low-priced solar street light systems could also be much higher than your initial investment.

Therefore, it is essential to weigh the cost of purchasing a product against the cost of operating it within a specified period. Going through consumer reviews will give you the financial data that can help you determine the feasibility of your investment.

the image displays components of our all in one solar street light

The all in one solar street light

Price Solar Street Light: Buy at The Right Time and Day

If you intend to buy your solar street light unit from an e-commerce platform, then it is better that you make your purchase at the right time and day. You can take advantage of the holiday and festive seasons, Black Fridays, or Cyber Mondays. These special days come with better deals and slashed prices.

Therefore, the best way to reduce the price of a Solar Street Light and still maintain its quality is by buying in bulk, finding a cheaper alternative, and reducing some functions of the system. People who intend to purchase the units in large quantities are at an added advantage.

The use of sensor technology and automation to improve efficiency and effectiveness contributes very much to the high price cost of a solar street light. Sometimes cheaper products are equally as productive as the pricier ones, especially the ones from manufacturers who have invested in cost-saving innovations in value and supply chain.

You need to do your homework to understand all the aspects that are involved in determining the cost of a solar street light. You’ll also need to specify the quality you want in your product because it depends on the price.

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