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A Comprehensive Overview of XSP Series Cree Solar Street LED Light

Cree is one of the major manufacturers of lighting products and has been involved in the research and design of high quality and innovative solar lighting products. The company specialises in the manufacturing of both indoor and outdoor lighting products, which are used by customers in different parts of the world. The indoor products of the Cree Solar Street LED Light consist of LED e bulbs while a variety of Cree solar street light products have been manufactured and made available to the customers for outdoor applications. The outdoor solar streetlights of the company have been released in different series, which have their unique features and value.


The most popular Cree solar street lights are available in the XSP series in which various products have been released which provide a high-quality experience to the users for outdoor lighting. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of Cree XSP series in order to guide our customers regarding the specifications and features of the solar street LED lights available in the series and enable them to make informed decisions regarding making an investment for the outdoor lighting solutions.


Cree XSP Series solar street lights

The XSP series products are highly efficient while they are capable of providing high-quality with sacrificing the efficiency of the device as well as putting a burden on the source. Therefore, street lights are capable of saving energy and providing standard quality results. Similarly, due to the efficient performance of the street light, the requirement for its maintenance are minimised which provides greater value to the users. The products in the series are available under three different names i.e. XSPSM, XSPMD, and XSPLG. Similarly, among these different versions, a variety of different products is available which users can evaluate and acquire depending upon their specific requirements.


Features of XSP series Cree solar street light

The products in the XSP series have a number of different features, which enhance their operation and provider greater value to the users. Some of the most significant features of the product have been given below:


  1. Cobra head style: The solar street light available in XSP series have a Cobra head due to which the light is always focused on the area where elimination is required while the dispersion of the light in the surroundings is minimum.
  2. Optical control: The optical control of the Cree solar street light is significantly high due to the presence of NanoOptic Precision Delivery Grid, which has better quality as compared to the technologies that were previously available.
  3. Beta LED Technology: The solar street light makes use of the beta LED technology, which provides greater convenience in the installation of the solar street light and installation can be performed by an individual having a basic level of understanding. This one’s teeth copperhead can be mounted on a pole in a horizontal minor while the wiring can be easily done through the use of available tools. There is easy access to the wiring compartment of the solar street light due to which it convenient for non-technical people to perform the solution.
    • However, in order to ensure safety, it is recommended that the help of professionals should be obtained in order to install solar street lights.
  4. Ease of maintenance: One of the significant benefits of the devices is that it provides ease of maintenance. The panel of the street light is easily accessible and the street light can be tested for faults that might be present while mounted on the pole and the maintenance work can be carried out in order to operationalize the street light.


Specifications of XSP series Cree solar street light

The street lights present in the XSP series have a wide range of specifications that ensure standard operation and performance of the device. Some of the significant specifications of products in this series are as below:


  1. Wattage Rating: Wattage rating of a solar street light is a representation of the overall illumination or lightening that is provided by street light. Similarly, it also gives an account of the power consumption of the device. The wattage rating of the solar street lights in XSP series is in the range of 47 to 184W, which means that they are capable of providing advanced lighting solutions depending upon the requirements of the users.
  2. Lumen output: It is a measure of the illumination that is provided by a solar street light and lumen is the direct measurement of the luminosity that is provided by a street light.  The Cree solar street lights have luminosity in the range of 3500 to 23,800 L, which means that solar street light is capable of providing high-quality results for the power consumption requirements. Similarly, the devices have two different types of lumen outputs i.e. field adjustable lumen output and locked lumen output, which provides greater flexibility to users during the operations of these street light.
  3. Mounting: Solar street lights in this series are available in HT horizontal Tenon mounting, which provides greater flexibility to the users during the installation process.
  4. Efficacy: Street lights in the series have high efficacy, which is a measure of the lumen per watt that is provided by street lights. The streetlights are capable of providing 129LPW, which is significantly high considering the competitors.


Cree Solar Street LED Light: Conclusion

Cree is one of the most prominent manufacturers and designers of solar street lights and the lighting products of the country have high performance. XSP solar street lights are among the most popular street lights of the company and they provide high value to the customers due to a variety of features and specifications that are available. The performance of the street light in comparison to the power consumption is highly efficient and it enables users to save energy during the operation.

Similarly, the device is maintenance-free and minimum maintenance that is required is highly convenient for the users to carry out. The installation of the device is also highly convenient and people with basic understanding of solar street lights can easily install it without requiring any professional help.



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