Compare with traditional lights, how can solar powered street light present its advantage in the extreme environments?

In the extreme environments, traditional light will not able to function properly with a series of problems such as poor insulation, short circuit or dampness of the line. However, solar powered street light can still operate properly under the extreme environments.


How does the solar street lights show their advantages in the extreme environment compare with the traditional street lights?


  1. Small battery

In the past, people thought of huge battery when speaking of solar power, yet today the battery in the solar street light is relatively small. It is easy to install and the solar power can directly store in the battery if the solar power isn’t completely consumed. In the rainy or cloudy weather, it can still function and illuminate.


  1. Suitable for multiple landform

Traditional street lights have very strict requirements concerning the landform, in contrary, solar street lights have less requirements and can still installed no matter how rugged and steep the mountain roads are. It can be a very convenient and efficient method to help the people in these regions.


  1. Anti-disaster

Those special regions not only have more rugged terrain, dramatic weather and nature disasters occurs easily such as earthquakes, strong wind and storm. Traditional street lights aren’t able to withstand when facing these disasters, on the contrary, solar street lights can efficiently resist the nature disasters and continue to function for people in most of the time.


  1. National promotion

Over the past decades, drawbacks of traditional street lights are completely exposed and more and more people are not optimistic in it. Besides, solar street lights have many advantages and even the national leaders are very optimistic about it. Although there are still some defects of the traditional street lights, it is constantly improving and the future development remains broad.


  1. Sustainable development

At the emerging stage of solar street lights, people will think that it is sophisticated so the price will also higher. However, as the time develops, people have discovered that its price–performance ratio is still relatively high because of its technological content. Even though it cannot use on a large scale according to the current condition, it is environmentally-friendly material and will eventually spread to various fields in the future development.


  1. High Price–performance ratio

As stated above, the solar street lights have a relatively high price–performance ratio and especially for those extreme environments. For example, in the north where the snowstorms are frequent, conventional street lights are not able to withstand. However, solar street lights have its own advantage to withstand and the power it stored can still provide lighting function as usual when there is no sun.


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